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School life

Carmel - a tall building with a large ground adjacent to it, is one of the monumental landmarks of Padmanabhanagar. A plush and prominent exterior paves the way to a well-maintained interior complete with well-equipped Science and computer laboratories, classrooms, library- well-stacked with reference books and books for light-reading and classics, the advent of the Educomp smart class has converted classic learning schedule to digital experience perfecting the already excellent academic atmosphere.

Edu-Comp Classes

Creating an environment that contributes to learning is the key to the student's success. We feel it is the social communication between students, their peers and the teacher that determines a successful school experience.

We feel that effective communication is a fundamental component to our educational philosophy. For all children quality of learning is more important for intellectual and social development.

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Education is incomplete without practicality. The school boasts of a Science and Math lab where practical classes are conducted. The learning of Mathematics and Science is made interesting and fun-filled through these labs. We are proud to have classrooms equipped with smart boards which makes teaching and learning easy and fun.

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A storehouse of knowledge, Carmel School has a well-stocked library of books, magazines, journals, encyclopedias, atlas, reference books and much more that both students and teachers benefit from. The library equips students with a life-long learning habit helps develop imagination in their Young Minds.

Comfortable furniture, pindrop silence and a cheerful librarian ever willing to help and guide the reader, provide a conducive environment to read, think and learn effectively.

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Audio-Visual Room

Carmel School caters to the development of scientific temper in its Techno-kids through its well-spaced Audio-Visual Room fully equipped with Multimedia, Internet, Smart Board and LCD Projector. It enhances the power of Interactive Teaching and Learning Techniques through Power-packed Subject-related Audio-Visual Presentations..

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"A healthy mind and a healthy body go hand in hand." Sports encompass more than just the benefit of physical activity; it increases the self-esteem and mental alertness of every participant, whatever be the sport one involves in.

Carmel School boasts of a well-equipped Sports room, a big playground and PT Staff of repute and recognition. Children who do not consider themselves to be athletic are also encouraged to participate in order to stay active.

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School Van with attenders is available which provides safe and careful journey. It is provided only on a to-and-fro basis. The parent/guardian should be present to drop and pick the child in the respective stops at the given time. Attender takes personal care of each and every child throughout the trip.

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To cater to the health needs of both students and teachers, Carmel School has a full-fledged infirmary with well-equipped first aid kits taken care of efficiently by a skillful and caring Registered Nurse.

Personal hygiene is provided separately for boys and girls by the attenders available throughout the school hours. The School plays an active role in your child's healthy growth and overall well-being.

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Theatre in education

Students of standard 8 and 9 performed an act from a selection of Shakespeare's iconic masterpieces in their theatre class... they prepared simple props and enacted the scenes in all its Shakespearean glory!!

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Scouts & Guides

The Scouts and Guides regime was introduced in Carmel School in the year 1995, falling under the Bharat Scouts and Guides, Bangalore South District Association with the name 'Leading Light Scouts Guide Company'.

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