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The school offers ICSE curricula. The school is affiliated to the Indian Council for Secondary Education (ICSE). Formal Education in accordance with the standards and guidelines prescribed by the ICSE (from I to X) is imparted.

The curriculum at all levels is flexible and incorporates latest trends in the dynamic education scenario. The curriculum prepares our students to meet the demands of modern day education enabling all round development to face global challenges.


Enter the wonder kids of nursery who have so far been 'the apples of their parents' eyes. These twinkling stars will now illuminate the corridors of Carmel Kindergarten reveling under the cosseting, pampering, guidance and guardianship of the teachers who literally 'hold their hands' and escort them to the unique, exciting world of 'Carmel Kindergarten' which is colourful, musical, playful and activity oriented. Learning in the 'play way' method is Carmel culture.

The initiation of these 'Twinkling Stars' into the Carmel family is exhilarating and enterprising - in short 'a fairy-tale experience!'

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Primary School

From strokes to straight lines, rhymes to poems, play time to homework time, a significant transition it is, from Nursery to Primary. Fun, activity, adjustment mark the nursery stage but at primary level a giant leap to reading, writing - a comprehensive academic training ensues.

At Carmel, a playful push from the kindergarten paves way for a heartwarming embrace from the primary teachers. Concern, consideration and care make life in primary a home away from home with constant monitoring, coaching and mentoring at every step.

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Middle School

Boisterous, bubbly, faltering yet certain the legs ascend the ladder to middle school. From a child to a teenage the climb is steep never the less mandatory. Acquisition of knowledge is the agenda but the path is strewn with excitement. Opportunities await on the other gate promising recognition, responsibility and rewards in the form of co-curricular activities replete with medals and certificates.

At an age when travails and travesty run rampage, a soft pat of encouragement, a smile of appreciation and a nod of understanding act as incentives. Carmel culture smoothens this tough transformation into a trifling travel from one floor to another. The new pre-teen soon matures into an adolescent confident, creative and composed.

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High School

In accordance with its values-Honesty, Humility and Humanity - a benchmark in academic excellence, co-curricular culture, sporting atmosphere and disciplined domain has been established. For an institution which has an immense strength, dignity, decorum and divinity,there exists a silence and serenity almost celestial in its character, leaving Padmanabhanagar undisturbed and peaceful. Great infrastructure and superior facilities highlight the dynamics of instruction and training, creating a conducive teaching and learning experience.

A big playground, computer lab, science labs, yoga centre, an auditorium, audio-visual room, Educomp smart classes and qualified nurse's room, reign supreme.

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